New Year's Resolutions

51 Soul-Centered New Year’s Resolutions


This year, I promise to:

  1. Live from a place of authenticity and freedom
  2. Create things that come naturally from my heart
  3. See the positive side always
  4. Spend more time with my loved ones + tell them how much I care
  5. Explore the world and visit new places
  6. Treat my body like the temple that it is
  7. Do something fun every day
  8. Do something scary every day
  9. Show up for myself
  10. Live like it’s my last day on earth (because it might be)
  11. Treat people, animals, and the environment with kindness
  12. Treat myself with kindness
  13. Dedicate time to learning new things
  14. Love myself more than ever before
  15. Remember that I’m already complete
  16. Stop trying to “fix” everything
  17. Accept that there are many things in life beyond my control
  18. Have more faith in the way things are going and the way things are meant to go
  19. Lean into surrendering
  20. Trust that the universe has my back
  21. Ask bigger questions
  22. Deepen my relationship to the Universe / God / Spirit / Whatever-It-Is-You-Wanna-Call-It
  23. Remind myself that I am enough
  24. Disconnect from social media more often in order to connect with my present surroundings
  25. Say “yes” to life
  26. Do more things that make me feel uncomfortable
  27. Push myself and lean into my fear
  28. Keep cracking open
  29. Be vulnerable and proud
  30. Uncover deeper wounds that I didn’t know existed within me
  31. Give myself permission to heal on my own terms, in my own time
  32. Have limitless amounts of courage
  33. See the universe as an abundant place, always providing and always giving
  34. Question moments of judgment / negativity and flip the thought around to learn something about myself instead
  35. Remember there are two sides to everything
  36. Have patience
  37. Support my loved ones and my community
  38. Take actions every day that bring me closer to my goals
  39. Continue to move toward my intentions
  40. Stop being so.damn.hard on myself
  41. Quit playing the victim card
  42. Stand up for what I believe in
  43. Give myself permission to change my mind about what I believe in
  44. Allow myself to feel safe in the knowledge that I don’t know everything
  45. Remember what it’s like to feel at home in my own skin, and do more things to get closer to that feeling
  46. Reach out for help when I need it
  47. Stay at home alone when I need to
  48. Forgive
  49. Remember that we are all made up of the same stuff
  50. Remind myself that I have the power to choose to see things differently
  51. Provide ridiculous amounts of self-care and self-love because I am freaking awesome! ❤


What are YOU going to promise yourself this year? How can you show up for yourself + live the best life possible? Comment below and share!

2 thoughts on “51 Soul-Centered New Year’s Resolutions

  1. alidaniel says:

    Love these! Especially #29 & #33! I love that they’re more like intentions and flexible not limiting resolutions that are so restrictive!


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