Own Your Journey

“Own your commitment to your inner being, to your inner world, and your outside world will reflect back to you.”

– Gabby Bernstein


There are steps to get you to where you’re going. There are places that you must stop at along the way to observe, soak in, and reflect on all that you are experiencing. No matter how much you want to, you can’t skip ahead. You can’t fast forward to the end goal, to that place in your mind where you envision pure ecstasy, completion, that satisfaction of achievement. There are no shortcuts. In life, you can’t skip the stuff that makes you who you are. You’ve gotta go through it all – the good and the bad, the sun and the rain, the light and the dark – to really get the full spectrum of the human experience.


There are no shortcuts. You’re here and then you’re not, and you can make the most of what you have in between, but you can’t skip over the things that aren’t your favorite, the things that aren’t quite the flavor that you would prefer. You can’t only take the easy parts. You have to show up and own where you’re at on your journey and stay present to whatever it is you’re going through. Tough day? Own it. Fight with your friend? Claim it as yours. Stressed at work? Breathe it into your skin and bones and feel it burn.


The bad stuff is going to be there. It’s around the corner when you least expect it, waiting to try and trip you up. You can’t get by it without going through it. That’s just the way this works, love. When you ignore the bad stuff – avoid it, push it away, or numb it with something in the outside world – you just are slowly becoming less human. But when you start to truly show up for the bad stuff, and those times in life where you’re in transition, you are growing. You are evolving. You are becoming stronger and more alive.


Own where you are on your individual journey. It’s not going to be the same day-to-day, and that’s okay. That’s part of the beauty of being alive. We are here to experience and to feel and to learn and to adapt and to grow. Let yourself be a part of that full range of existence. Show up for the tough stuff. Accept it as part of your path. Honor it for helping guide you to what’s good and what’s pure – the stuff that we sometimes wish we could fast forward to. And soon enough, you’ll be there, where you’ve always wanted to be, and you’ll have truly lived to tell the story.

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